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Urban Shade Competition - Fort Lauderdale

The competition is closed and we invite you to register to keep in touch on the progress to implement highest ranked ideas.

"Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization has long recognized the area around Broward Boulevard and Andrews Avenue as the Downtown Fort Lauderdale Mobility Hub. This hub has high development potential, frequent transit service and serves as a critical point for trip generation for all transportation modes (buses, trains, pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles). The Urban Shade Competition provides a unique opportunity to imagine the future of the area around this transportation center and help the local community envision the potential for safe, comfortable connections as the foundation for a successful and thriving urban center." James Cromer, Strategic Initiatives Deputy Executive Director, MPO

Competition entries that proposed a 'work of art' as an entryway to the downtown, recycled water, wind and sun at the surface to power lighting at night and interactive elements attracting people to photograph and use the structure, were ranked the highest.  


The new urban shade will become part of Fort Lauderdale's growing community and skyline. The design that encouraged users to consider donating to the maintenance of the structure and to the city’s new homeless assistance program for those living on the street near the structure were also rewarded by competition judges.  

A portion of this project was supported through a generous contribution by the Community Foundation of Broward. 

Fort Lauderdale’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA) President and CEO recent quote about the importance of urban shade…“A city just over 100 years old, Downtown Fort Lauderdale is realizing an amazing evolution in its urban core. Thousands of new residential units are under construction. New transit options now connect the region’s major cities. A vibrant arts and cultural scene pumps life into the city. With these opportunities, and a growing population to complement it, a renewed focus on our public spaces must be a top priority. This design competition puts focus on the pedestrian experience, which is paramount to every successful city. We look forward to seeing all the creative solutions that help us achieve a safe, comfortable, distinctive and sustainable urban realm.” Jenni Morejon also provided this Fort Lauderdale Master Plan link  for entrants to review and a walking ‘audit’ of the downtown around the Brightline station (below).  The Broward County Metropolitan Planning Organization made a September 2018 presentation about the one-way loop option in addition to providing a quote about the consistency of the urban shade competition goals with the overall approach to mobility for the downtown area, including an increased focus on pedestrian movement in spaces previously allocated to automobiles, through urban design. 

The 'umbrella sky' temporary installation in Coral Gables is an excellent use of urban shade by Portugal-based creative agency, Sextafeira (pictured on this page, inset). 

Consider this very successful artistic engagement in the public realm in Miami as you imagine

Fort Lauderdale's (FTL) downtown, proposing rerouting roadways if needed to accommodate a semi-permanent structure recycling rain, sun and wind for its power, creating interactive elements encouraging users to take photographs of their journey to the urban core enjoying the beautiful city skyline and contributing to the needs of the chronic homeless populations


"Imagination is more important than knowledge.” ~Albert Einstein

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Competition ideas should be submitted by November 5, 2018.

Click here to download competition details, including general study area here

Click here to download the recent Brightline Station Area Walk Audit 

Other useful mobility and land-use/development documents

Downtown FTL (city) streets map
Major County roadways map

Regional Transportation Authority connections map

FTL Parking facilities downtown map

FTL Zoning map

Downtown FTL Shuttle loop

Downtown FTL Development map 

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Umbrella Sky Miami Temporary Shade Structure 2019
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