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Shakespeare's La Florida





We are actively preparing the 2021-22 series of reinterpreting Shakespeare and other classical theater infusing each production with Florida history.  Chapter V is 'Merchants of Venice'  - retelling the stories of a contemporary tropical society from 1930-1950 including the risks, relationships, retaliations and ultimate resiliency of immigrant communities.  Previous projects are:  'Romeo and Juliet' (Ch I), 'The Tempest too' (Ch II), an urban tropical adaptation 'mash-up' of Romeo & Juliet and The Tempest  'La Tormenta' (Ch III) 'Julia + Roselo' (Ch IV) - a 'Spanish Shakespeare' pilot project adapted from 'Castelvines y Monteses,' Lope de Vega's Romeo and Juliet, with history from the Age of Discovery and the legacy of Florida's first peoples of La Florida.  

Below are just a few of the portraits taken of the past chapters.

Contact us for more information and like our photos on social media. Help us grow our 'Shakespeare La Florida' community and join us as we shed a little sunlight on Florida history with Shakespeare!

Join us as well for new outdoor projects 'Festival of Classics' began in 2020 though this link

Photo credits to (in order of appearance) Armando Colls, Robert Church and James Argyropoulos.

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