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June 2014


Student Workshop

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February 2015 Special Workshop for Senior Center Cultural Group

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March 2015

Opening Performance Broward Main Library

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 Here are highlights from the youth-led cast of Chapter One, with guest choreographer, Gelan Lambert.

April 2015

Miami-Dade County Library 'Sunset Jams Series' at Deering Estate

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April 2015

Performances at Miami Light Box at Goldman Warehouse


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 Chapter II 2017...

Wynwood Production video w/ guest company Zest Collective (New York) feat. joint-choreography by Zest's Gentry Isaiah George w/ retired Miami City Ballet Principal, Isanusi Garcia Rodriguez. 

Zest's first project  w/ SLF began in 2016 video  

"Our desire with Chapter One of R&J is to highlight the original poetic inspiration to Shakespeare's famous play adaptation. A young Arthur Brooke wrote his Romeo and Juliet poem as a 'call to action' to young people that they have choices even in the worst of circumstances..."

"Shakespeare saw the brillance in the young poet's character and plot development of 'The Trajical Historye of Romeus and Juliet' and he made it a much faster-paced action drama of the time..."

"R&J starts at the middle of Shakespeare's play, Act 3, Scene 1,  afterwards the audience is taken back to the beginning of the play with the help of a Narrator's role who also has a big part in the surprise ending..."

"The live graffiti art on either side of the stage reflects 'action-packed' choreography - opening dance battle (hip hop v. tango); the mask ball (dances begin to blend, Juliet meets Romeo); a final 'death scene' unfolds with Juliet and Romeo reunited via poignant dance fusion and drama as audience watches..."

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