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ProjectCOAT #ArtWorks 

as part of burgeoning art fairs along South Florida waterways and growing number of urban art walks in downtown Fort Lauderdale and other cities in Broward County, Grace Arts Center sponsored COAT events, exhibits, murals (video) and conversations with the public about 'community of artists transforming' their neighborhoods and commercial districts. The 'COAT Talks' occurred at no cost to attendees, intimate discussions about elements of culture, history, and science that define South Florida. Academic and creative industry leaders locally and around the globe shared impacts of how strategic curation of#ArtWorks has the capacity to capture the imagination of communities. 

2019 #Artworks include a design competition for an urban shade structure in Fort Lauderdale (and other participating cities) integrated with curated murals creating safe and comfortable avenues of wonder in which to wander. The artistic-shade attracts economic opportunity and walk-up activity for retail and service businesses in 'blighted' areas replacing the needs of sometimes problematic tree root systems with fabricated shade fitting into limited urban right of way configurations...and a new mobile art pavilion design-build project.  

2017 - 2018 events were made possible in part through support from the Community Foundation of Broward (Helen and Frank Stoykov Charitable Endowment Fund, Ruth H. Brown Fund for the Arts, Leonard & Sally Robbins Fund and Everett H. Metcalf, Jr. Unrestricted Fund), property owners, private donors, the Broward County Board of County Commissioners - and the PNC Bank 'Grow Up Great' initiative.



7 - 9 PM 


The Vanguard

Principals of award winning BBA Architecture Firm - Gustavo Berenblum and Claudia Busch - present the 'Cucuyo' project, a new cafe at PAMM (Perez Art Museum of Miami) of steel mesh printed completely by a 3-d printer. "The cocoon shaped café was manufactured in Amsterdam using innovative 3D printing technology...the architects made the decision to work with stainless-steel and collaborated with MX3D." The outgoing President of the Fort Lauderdale AIA Chapter, Jeff Huber, Assistant Professor to FAU Architecture program; Brooks + Scarpa  Partner (and recent recipient of one of three national AIA Honor Awards for Urban Planning and Design for a program called 'Salty Urbanism'); Mikael Kaul, Visiting Professor to FAU School of Architecture, discuss the rise of 'art' at the intersection of some of the most innovative projects in South Florida. 


FRIDAY 26  /

'Street Art' and 'The Light Project'

The Vanguard (based on weather, we'll unveil the outdoor light installation project upon the New River at 6 PM)

7 - 9 PM 

A reception with Jessica Santiago, CEO ArtRepublic, Jacksonville, Florida shares the high impact of large scale murals in two short years and the growing partnership with COAT Fort Lauderdale. Grace Arts FL reveals 'The Light Project' an art installation by Mark Diamond on the New River near The Stranahan House that commemorates the history of the river at the heart of Fort Lauderdale. The installation was designed to demonstrate estuary movement at the waters' surface (photo of Waterlicht, Studio Roosegarde).

SATURDAY 27  /  


The Vanguard (commemorates the 2005 City of Fort Lauderdale sponsored roundtable on energy and the ever changing issues impacting city planning and development in our region)

Public presentation 1 - 3 PM; Trade discussion with architects, engineers and designers 3 - 5PM

The Serene Republic of Venezia adopted innovative design considerations prior to the year 1200, and in recent years they have developed Project Mose to protect the city from the highest tides and storm surges. Dr. Charles Roberts, FAU's newly retired Associate Professor of Department of GeoSciences Studies, and Graduate Program Chair, explores Fort Lauderdale's (Venice of America) namesake billion dollar experiment - MOSE (MOdulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico) - underway to mitigate the rise of ocean waters into Venice, a historic city famous for its art, architecture and culture. 

Daniel Williams AIA, co-directed the mass-transit corridor study for the Seattle Monorail and later at University of Miami Center for Urban and Community Design wrote plans for water management for 500 square miles of south Florida followed by a regional initiative for 2400 square miles of southeast coastal Florida while at University of Florida. Dr. Roberts and Mr. Williams will be joined by Architect and cultural heritage researcher, Dr. David Benjamin, and Geologist and Filmmaker, Troy Bernier, in a discussion about historical architecture, cultural landscape studies, ecological construction techniques and the science of design. 




Broward Centennial Mural Artists - What inspired them then and now....

The 2014 - 2015 local muralists talk about their work during the Broward County centennial celebration and since with moderator L. Fordham.  99 Southwest 14th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316, USA


The Art found in Archaeology - The Tequesta Cosmos: An Artful View

The art in archaeology is a specific talk about the incredible legacy of an original people group of Florida, called the Tequesta.

What can we learn from a culture that is so different from modern society? A lot – especially about the art of pre-contact peoples in light of how we value art in today’s modern communities.

A panel of experts in archaeology and art discuss their views of Tequesta design and their decoration of various objects interpreting the natural world.

“The Tequesta Cosmos: An Artful View” panel includes Robin Haines Merrill, an artist who has collaborated with local tribal craftsmen, Director of Upper Room Art Gallery; Mark Diamond, artist and holographic photographer, President of Diamond Images, Inc.; and panel moderator Robert S. Carr, Director of the Archaeological and Historical Conservancy, an archaeologist who has studied Tequesta art for more than 30 years.

FRIDAY 17  /

The Art in Architecture - When the Practical becomes Compelling 

The art in architecture panel is very special in that it happens in one of Miami's oldest historical properties on the Miami River where a renaissance is occuring due to the boom in building east of I-95 and the pressures to expand into areas west. Architecture at its best transforms the building process into the creation of a piece of living art for the inhabitants and inspiring lives.


Architecture must be first extremely practical as buildings must stand up to the elements, time and sustained use by humans interacting with the structures and spaces. The art happens when the practical design becomes compelling because of an exceptional choice of detail, the ease with which one interacts with the design and/or how a building integrates with its surroundings.

Several artists and architects discuss the different ways they approach design...what happens when the practical becomes compelling and a work of art. Panel Moderator, Margi Northard of Glavovic Studio in Fort Lauderdale, joined by local artists and architects from two counties.

Panelists include Roberto Rovira, award winning architect, writer, teacher and artist who has collaborated with Jacek Kolasinski, New-Media artist, Associate Professor of Visual Arts at the Art + Art History Department at Florida International University, join City of Fort Lauderdale's Staff Urban Planner, Randall Robinson, instrumental in recent Broward County MidMod architectural tours, in discussions about art in architecture and the blurring of the line between visual art and the practice of inspired design for human interaction and habitation with Felice Grodin, a noted Artist in Miami.  Miami Hispanic Cultural arts center 111 SW 5th Ave, Miami, FL 33130.


Convergence: The New World Europeans Encounter First People Culture

The Art in History that transforms contemporary culture is found in the uncovering of important events that shaped dialog centuries ago and still informs society today.

'Convergence' - the impact on the Old World when Europeans encountered the native tribal peoples in what would become South Florida in the Early Contact Period - was literally a 'brave new world.'

Panelists: Paul S. George, Ph.D. Resident Historian, History Miami Museum; (the late) Francis Sicius, Ph.D, Professor, History, St. Thomas University; Carmen Lopez, Ph.D, Associate Professor, History, Miami Dade College, engage on the surprising interactions when one culture must reconcile its values and norms with another - where there were no rules of engagement and it was truly a 'new world.'

Stories of adventure, calamity and promise began to create an imaginary place aka 'La Florida' (among other names) and inspired written works by Shakespeare and other famous artists across the globe, including philosophers who were beginning to dream of the ideas of democracy and personal freedom. Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center.

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