Julia + Roselo

Part history and part fantasy, we imagine a couple falling in love despite all the odds 

during a period in Florida history

when Spain's most prolific playwright and poet, Lope de Vega, wrote his version of 'Romeo and Juliet'

as Spain explored and secured portions of 'La Florida' for their kingdom.  

What would become the Seminole nation began as a group of Creek and other tribes

moving into central and northern 'La Florida' in and around the first Black free colony in the northern hemisphere. 

Fort Mose, established by Spain in the 1730's, provided

Black residents land to farm if they adopted the Catholic Church and Spanish governance. 

Likewise, various native tribes lived freely if they pledged to Christian faith and demonstrated loyalty to Spain. 

How would Lope de Vega have written 

about a young boy from Fort Mose falling in love with a prominent Creek Chief's daughter?   

The Black Seminoles represent a real legacy of diverse and resilient peoples from the real marriages, adoptions of individuals and families of Seminole and Black heritage, living alongside one another.

Initially these two communities had strained relations but shared a fear that those that ruled

might take away their newly found kingdom. 

Together they survived for a century or more

in one of the most treacherous territories in the New World

when yet again their fate would be decided by a young democracy .

Re-imagine the state of Florida long before it became part of an American nation,

and consider and celebrate the kingdoms of 'Julia + Roselo'

(Castelvines/Capulets y Monteses/Montagues)

a story inspired by the history of America's 'La Florida.' 

artwork interpreted by Cuban Artist, Alejandro Leyva


Original choreography by

Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami


Emily Ricca Dance Collective


Zest Collective of New York


Original and adapted music by

Alberto Puerto with Ivet Riscart (Classical Spanish Guitar)


Yetzabel Arias Fernandez (Concert Soprano)



The Shakespeare Troupe of South Florida 


© Grace Arts Center - based in Fort Lauderdale serving South Florida

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