Grace Arts Center's mission is to create and connect three distinct areas of general programming resulting in more extensive cultural collaborations and revitalization of South Florida communities through the arts and humanities. Projects feature cultural exhibits (including visual art and film projects), multidisciplinary performances and urban design engagements by leading Innovators to entertain, educate and extend services annually to communities with less access to liberal arts content and experiences. 

The three (3) program area title projects are: A) Outsider Art Biannual Installations and the Street Art Regatta (cultural exhibits featuring Florida's extensive Folk, self-taught and vernacular artists); B) Shakespeare's La Florida and Festival of Classics performances (Shakespeare and other classical theater infused with Florida history) and C) COAT, Urban Shade, and Mobile Art Pavilion (public art and design installations, workshops exploring innovations in public space activation, resiliency and conservation).  Master Classes and teaching opportunities are planned each year by project participants. 


The approval of 501.C3 public charity status in 2011 provided a platform for GAC to formalize and '...take art beyond the gallery walls' of the original business that fostered arts programming in the community. Projects evolved from years of arts and cultural community outreach of Grace Cafe and Galleries, a retail art gallery, studio, coffee bar & pop-up cafe owned by GAC's Founder and Creative Director, Clare Vickery.

For over a decade the gallery sponsored outdoor festivals, after school arts programs, scholarships, downtown vibrancy initiatives to restore historical areas, international design competitions and public art projects. Tango, ballet, folk, hip hop dancers, filmmakers, musical bands, singer/songwriters, theater groups and visual artists created lasting collaborations and the foundation for a successful non-profit organization.

Art Miami 2007 'Director's Choice' Artist exhibition for the late self-taught Painter, Purvis Young, was a pivotal moment for the Gallery and the beginning of relationships with other artists who joined Young in the studio and cafe creating a niche for Florida's distinctive 'Outsider' Art community (such as Florida's Highwaymen landscape painters) and partnerships with institutionally trained fine art professionals and designers. Multidisciplinary arts projects developed in three areas: cultural exhibits (including painting, sculpture and film), performances (original theater productions) and urban design engagements.

The separate gallery business still engages artists providing opportunities to invest time, talent and resources in art center programming that inspires excellence and demonstrates the innovative spirit of South Florida's leading Creatives.

Inquire about participating in programs and projects, suggest ideas or consider volunteering or donating to Grace Arts Center, a registered, licensed public 501 (c) 3 Florida charity. 

Contact us if you are considering the arts as a means to raise funds for your organization. 

2006 Exhibition in the original Grace Arts Center

Original Second Floor Gallery and Studio 05-14

Original pop up cafe in the Grace Arts Center 2008

the original cafe

New album listening event 2013 in the second Grace Arts Center

Release party for local Hip hop/Indie fusion album 'The Dive' by '85' 2013

South Florida Jazz band rehearsal in the second Grace Arts Center 2013

Big Band Jazz Nights with Mike Norris Band 2012

Facebook - Wall of Peace! What a great t

ArtMiami 2007 Director's Choice Main Exhibit Entryway