Shakespeare's La Florida

'La Tormenta' 2018 

Chapter Three, 'La Tormenta,' transports audiences back to ancient cultures living on Florida shores - a queen who's lost her kingdom, a slave who adopts an unlikely son, and a religious pilgrim who tries to unite families through two young lovers. 

Rarely heard Afro-Cuban music and folkloric dance is shared alongside classical ballet.

Special engagements at the NSU Art Museum included the artwork and discussion with Acclaimed Painter, Karl Momen with 

Acts I & II presented at 

Little Haiti Cultural Center Theater.

In 2016, guest company, Zest Collective, from New York City performed a short program exploring a new generation of

over-comers. A pilot project to develop a fresh, urban and tropical version of

'Romeo and Juliet' Video

Chapter Two,  R&J The Tempest Too  opened in 2017 with a protagonist couple leaving the theater opening night reunited as Leads in a 'Romeo and Juliet' adaptation. They meet a mysterious man, Prospero, an aging immigrant living on a houseboat with an eclectic group of people and his daughter, Miranda.

The Narrator leads the audience on a journey in spoken word revealing relationships and events inspired by headlines of today. 

This chapter featured members of

Zest Collective, Miami City Ballet and local award-winning Outre Theatre

'R&J' Chapter One was set in Miami at the close of the 20th Century. An adaptation of Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'

in 2015 featured traditional family tensions captured by battling dance troupes - one of tango (Montague) and one of hip hop (Capulet). Here are highlights from the youth-led cast of Chapter One, with guest choreographer, Gelan Lambert.

 This is an original production of professional dancers, actors, musicians, singer/songwriters, poets, playwrights, Dj's, painters and tech-creatives.

The current project includes international talent and special guests.

A collaboration with the Shakespeare Troupe of South Florida and Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami


"South Florida Performers bring a new twist to Romeo and Juliet..." writes

South Florida Times


Miami Community Newspapers Pinecrest Tribune writes

''..hope springs eternal..."

Guest Choreographer Isanusi Garcia Rodriguez

Selected as the WLRN Media 'Pick of the Week' Cultural Connection April 18th, 2015

2015 R&J trailer

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