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Sail Artists & Auction Details


Merging street art and sailing into a visual display of expressive art on the water, the Street Art Regatta (StAR) features painted sails by fifteen artists and an award-winning youth sailing team participating in a live exhibition on the Fort Lauderdale Intracoastal Waterway. The performance takes place on February 9, 2022 from 4 - 6 PM at the Lauderdale Yacht Club.

Street Art thrives because it has a visceral connection to the urban street scene with origins in historic hip hop and contemporary American pop culture. A regatta is a series of competitive boat races dating back to ancient times. Combine the two and you have an event that can only happen in South Florida!

StAR is followed by an art auction featuring five (5) of the painted original sails.  Auction ticket holders will gather at the pool-side pavilion for a tropical-themed casual dinner and cash bar where the sails will be on display and live auction bidding begins at 7 PM.  Proceeds benefit sailing scholarships for youth in South Florida provided by LYCSF and a new student travel abroad scholarship for seniors accepted to college art programs by GAC. 

Regatta Artists Line-up with * by those artists' sails in the auction and the auction sail number - Scroll to bottom for Sail Images - Click this link to purchase auction tickets.

Stefano Alcantara*

Stefano is based in Fort Lauderdale creates stunning hyper-realistic body art and mural installations recently opening a New York studio. 


Sail #1 Artist


Jay Bellicchi ‘Remote’

Remote is based in Fort Lauderdale inspired by Boston’s hip hop and graffiti culture with client installations at multiples sports and corporate South Florida locations and numerous gallery exhibits.



Buns is based in Palm Beach County and the first female artist inducted into the MSG crew, a historic Miami graffiti artist collective, who paints fun and powerful female anime characters.


‘El Cekis’

Nelson Rivas is a native of Chile and residing in New York inspired by the graffiti community, Latin American mural movements and a generation of young artists creating street art culture in South America; his work features neon colored plant life that envelopes spaces with 3-d compositions.


Andrew Cotton *

Andrew is a native of London, England incorporating collage and large-scale photographs and Xerox reproductions into his work; inspired by UK graffiti scene he immigrated to New York City and embraced a DIY aesthetic of the street art market and his work is represented by New River Fine Art Gallery.

Sail # 5 Artist



Hiero is based in Sarasota known for portraiture and realistic style influenced by post-graffiti, the duck symbolizes clarity, family, love, vigilance, intuition, nurturing, protection, feelings, self-expression, balance, adaptation, grace, and strength.



Douglas Hoekzema is based in Palm Beach County creating work through a unique oscillating pendulum distributing paint based on gravity’s natural pull with art installations across the globe.


‘Orla’ *

Orla is a Russian American graduating from Parsons School of Design, influenced by New York’s street art, her work features graphic contemplative color blocking and black and white photography; her clients include Carnegie Hall, Soho House NYC and published in Architectural Digest and other major design art publications.

Part of Sail #2 Artist Collaboration


Lori Practico *

Lori is a painter based in Broward County and is a resident artist of Art Serve. Her work features bright color, figurative, representational and pop elements depending on the client; she’s also founded a non-profit to empower young women to excel.

Part of Sail #2 Artist Collaboration


‘Lady Pink’  

Lady Pink is from Ecuador currently residing north of New York City and writing graffiti since 1979 competing as the only female in a male graffiti subculture; she's made significant contributions to street art genre and is a cult figure in the hip-hop community with artworks included in numerous museum collections and part of the global art market for street art.



Ripes is based in West Palm Beach and part of Galera Collective; he’s self-taught graffiti artist influenced by cartoons whose work features contrasts and beveled 3-d shapes.


Isanusi Garcia Rodriguez *

Isa is a native of Cuba and based in Miami, recruited by the Miami City Ballet Founder, Edward Villella, to dance as a company soloist before experiencing a debilitating injury in 2013 and recovering through painting therapy exploring visceral joy and pain of dance through vibrant color and raw figurative representations.


Part of Artist Collaboration Sail #3


Tom Rossetti *

Tom Rossetti is a native Floridian based in Fort Lauderdale whose work features brilliant abstract impressionistic imagery; he's a longtime gallerist and art community celebrity painter whose work is now represented by New River Fine Art.

Sail # 4 Artist


Suzanne Scherer

Suzanne is based in Palm Beach County with a MFA from Brooklyn College; she's the recipient of International Research & Exchange Board Award as first American visual artist accepted into the Russian Academy of Arts during the Soviet period and co-founded Scherer & Ouporov Gallery receiving national and international awards and is a full time artist and art educator at Boca Raton Museum of Art.



Surge is from Los Angeles raised in Miami and based in Fort Lauderdale, influenced by Post-graffiti and hip hop culture his work features cartoons and brilliant color with numerous corporate clients and charitable causes.


Laura Tan *

Laura is based in Miami whose body of work includes self-portraits featuring unfiltered, emotional responses to specific moments in life and recipient of numerous awards for decades as an art educator in the Miami Dade Public School system.

Part of Artist Collaboration Sail #3


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Suzanne Scherer
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Purvis Young
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